Ransomware is a REAL threat to ALL business. Learn the signs, know what to do, what NOT to click.
We are publishing this from our friends at Wordfence. They build a comprehensive WordPress plugin that defends against web attacks, we use them in ALL of our WordPress builds, it is the first plug in we install when we do a project for our clients.

June 27th 2017 

This is a public service announcement from Wordfence. The following attack campaign is widespread and is having a global impact. We are sending this broadcast to our WordPress subscribers to ensure they are able to keep their Windows workstations secure.
The Petya Ransomware has gone global this morning and security analysts are scrambling to understand the full scope of the threat and to add detection capability to their products. A few minutes ago, wordfence published a blog post which includes what we know so far and what you can do to protect yourself, along with a a video demonstration of the ransomware and additional information sources that are being updated in real-time as this attack campaign unfolds.
We also include the growing list of some of the companies and organizations that have already been affected by this attack campaign. We recommend you share this information to help the broader online community stay safe.


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